Cfast Braces

How much does Cfast clear braces cost?

Cfast are clear braces which focus on treating the top and bottom six front teeth. If you have crowded or gappy front teeth, the Cfast braces could be perfect for you. Orthodontic treatment using Cfast braces can be completed in about half the time of traditional fixed braces which means you could have straight teeth in less than six months!

Thousands of patients throughout Windsor, Eton, Maidenhead and beyond are enjoying the benefits of wearing these clear braces to get straight teeth quickly and comfortably.

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How Much Does Cfast Clear Braces Cost?

On average, Cfast clear braces cost £2500 and can be paid as £47 per month.

Understandably, many people are worried about the cost of braces and the cost of orthodontics. Our flexible payment plans can help provide you with affordable braces. Cfast braces are available for just £2.50 per day. Find out more about our interest free finance plan.

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How Much Does Cfast Clear Braces Cost?

Just like fixed braces, Cfast works in a similar way using clear orthodontic brackets which are fixed to your teeth and then connected using tooth-coloured wire. The main difference with the Cfast braces is that they only treat your front teeth and this means the pressure from the wires and brackets is much lighter easing any discomfort.

Because treatment with Cfast is so fast, they are often seen as more affordable braces.

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How Much Does Cfast Clear Braces Cost?

  • These clear braces are perfect for those people who have orthodontic issues affecting just your front teeth
  • These practically invisible braces are so discreet, most people won’t know that you’re wearing braces!
  • Treatment is much quicker than traditional fixed braces
  • These adult braces are also suitable for teens
  • Cfast braces has a quicker treatment time than fixed braces which means they are more cost effective

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