Dental Implants Windsor

Dental Implants in Windsor

A missing tooth or missing teeth can be upsetting, affecting your confidence as well as your ability to smile.

Dental implants are the only permanent, natural solution to replace gaps in your smile. Where dental bridges fix a gap by relying on the teeth either side of the space, dental implants are teeth replacements which are fixed permanently into your jaw.

Many patients from Maidenhead, Egham, Slough, Crowthorne and beyond are opting for dental implants.

Monthly cost of Dental Implants Treatement

dental implant Milton Keynes

Have a failing or missing tooth?

From £49.83* Per Month


We provide dental implant treatment for replacing a single tooth

dental implant Milton Keynes

Have a few failing or missing teeth?

From £79.13* Per Month


We have dental implants treatment for multiple missing teeth

dental implant Milton Keynes

All teeth are failing or missing?

From £208.26* Per Month


We offer treatment to replace all the teeth on your lower or upper jaw

All on 4 Dental Implant Before & After

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is permanent replacement for a tooth or multiple teeth and cannot be removed like false teeth or dentures. A dental implant has a titanium post that is fixed to your jawbone beneath the gum and a replacement tooth is then fixed on to this post.

There are several types of dental implants and we can discuss which are best for you.

The benefits of dental implants

  • Unsightly gaps are permanently replaced with natural looking teeth
  • Your confidence and happiness are boosted
  • There is no need for dentures
  • You can speak and eat naturally
  • Helps overcome you may have had with missing teeth

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The dental implants procedure

The process for dental implants is quite straight-forward. The dentists at Smile Rooms, Windsor are fully qualified, highly experienced and have successfully dealt with thousands of dental implant cases.


Step One

The first stage is to have a discussion with your dentist about your needs and how we can help. Book your consultation for £95. 

 Step Two

We take x-rays of your teeth, discuss your state of health, analyse your existing and missing teeth and discuss your course of treatment. 

 Step Three

Your dentist at the surgery in Windsor, will give you a local anaesthetic and will then make a small cut in your gum. A small hole is drilled into your jawbone which will hold the titanium peg.

 Step Four

The dental implants have a screw called an abutment which holds the new false teeth in place permanently.

 Step Five

Your new replacement teeth will be fitted to the implant giving you a brilliant new smile! If the dentist needs to do this at a slightly later appointment, he may give you temporary bridge so that no gaps in your teeth can be seen.

Replacing a single tooth with dental implants
Replacing multiple teeth with dental implants
All On 4 dental implants for upper and/or lower jaw