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Teeth whitening in Windsor

Teeth can become discoloured for a variety of reasons including smoking, drinking too much coffee, tea or red wine. If your teeth are discoloured, we can help bring back the sparkle!

We have treated thousands of patients throughout Maidenhead, Egham, Sunningdale, Eton and beyond for teeth discolouration.

At Smile Rooms, Windsor we use four main whitening treatments and these are listed below. All are a quick and effective way to show off a dazzling smile.

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Zoom whitening

Zoom whitening is a bleaching process that is carried out at the dental practice. A gel is applied to your teeth and a UV laser light is positioned over your mouth to break down the activated gel and whiten your teeth.

This is the most popular teeth whitening treatment, with patients in Windsor, Dorney, Slough and Datchet opting for this form of treatment as the best teeth whitening. Treatment takes approximately one hour and can show up to eight shades in improvement.

Teeth whitening prices for Zoom whitening costs £595.

Enlighten whitening

This tooth whitening process takes place at our dental practice and at home. Your dentist will apply a special whitening tray which fixes the gel to your teeth. Your teeth will then be sealed with a laser.

This treatment takes a little more time – usually between two and four weeks, but the results are outstanding. This is the only whitening treatment to guarantee a shade B1 so it is proving popular with patients throughout Maidenhead, Sunningdale, Eton and Crowthorne.

Teeth whitening prices for Enlighten whitening costs £695.

Home whitening

You can whiten your teeth at home with our home whitening kits. We make up the kits for you and they are fitted with a custom-made mould. Patients throughout Windsor, Egham, Slough and Dorney enjoy the flexibility of applying this at home and controlling the shade of white. Results are fast with most patients seeing a difference in between seven and ten days.

Teeth whitening prices for home whitening costs £345.

Power stain removal

This is purely a stain removal treatment which makes it ideal for smokers, red wine/tea/coffee drinkers throughout Windsor, Maidenhead, Crowthorne and Eton.

This treatment takes place at our dental practice and is the best way to remove surface stains. It is a quick, easy and painless procedure and it can be combined with other teeth whitening treatments if necessary.

Teeth whitening prices for power stain removal, also known as Airflow costs £87.

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