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White spots on teeth

White spots on your teeth can affect your confidence. But now there’s a new way to quickly and painlessly treat white spots. Patients throughout Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough, Crowthorneand beyond are trying this revolutionary treatment.

What are white spots on adult teeth, and what causes them?

Many people want to know what are the white marks on teeth in adults? The simple answer is that it is a loss of mineral content on the enamel of the teeth.

Here are some of the potential reasons to explain mineral loss:


  • Fluorosis – too much fluoride consumed as a child when the adult teeth were forming can cause discolouration on the enamel
  • Trauma or illness as a child can lead to the white spots developing on adult teeth
  • The loss of minerals can occur due to poor cleaning which allows acid in plaque to sit on the enamel for too long. For this reason, a lot of people find white spots on teeth after braces, because of poor dental hygiene whilst wearing dental braces

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How to treat white spots, or white marks on teeth

In the past, patients would try to remove white spots on teeth by having their teeth whitened. This doesn’t work as the white spots remain lighter than the rest of the teeth, patients would still be left with white spots on teeth after whitening.  The only traditional way to treat white spots would be to cover them up with veneers.

Now, there is a new simple and gentle process which does not involve any drilling or anaesthetic. It’s called Icon Spot Removal.


  • First the tooth is prepared with a special gel, then the tooth is dried
  • The Icon resin is applied, penetrating deep into the enamel and pores of the teeth
  • A light is then applied to the teeth which fills in the air pockets leaving you with natural looking teeth with no white spots

Benefits of using Icon White Spot Removal

Patients throughout Windsor, Dorney, Egham and Sunningdale are opting to use Icon to remove the white marks from their teeth because:


  • It’s a gentle treatment with no need for drills or needles
  • It’s quick with instant results
  • A natural smile with no spots is immediately restored
  • It allows you to smile again with confidence

Cost of Icon White Spot Removal

Each patient is different and cost will depend on how many teeth are affected with white spots, but as an average guide treatment to remove white spots on teeth will cost £XXX.